Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cruising -Very Affordable Luxury Vacation

I have a total confession. I am completely addicted to Cruising. I love it! I love that all my meals are included-and they are FABULOUS. The entertainment is included and I get to go to more than one place. I believe that cruising is actually relatively inexpensive. If you shop around and can be flexible with your travel dates you can get a great deal on cruises.

So far, we have only traveled aboard Carnival. You can find 4 night cruises for around $300 including taxes-per person. You can also find a 7 night Cruise for around $450 including taxes per person. Then you have to purchase your airline tickets and then you are set. Well, with the exception of transfers, excursions, and gratuity.

The reason I think that cruising is such a good deal is because it's all inclusive. The food is wonderful and you are served at dinner with selections such as Prime Rib, KC Strip, or Lobster Tail. The activities are really fun, such as dancing, animal towel folding, ice sculptures, bingo, trivia, karaoke, Las Vegas style shows, Comedians, Art Auctions etc. Then I love getting to see more than one place without having to pack up and move. The staff is AWESOME and I love that you can do as much or as little as you would like.

Well, I don't think that I have explained the joys of cruising to my satisfaction but I gave it a whirl. I really recommend cruising and I can't wait to go again.

Special Tips:
1. Don't spend a crazy amount of money on excursions, just walking around the island you visit is really entertaining and way cheaper.
2. Watch Out! Don't go crazy with alcoholic drinks. Drink what is on special and then keep it to a minimal or your bill will be sky high.
3. Spend time relaxing, it's tempting to try to do everything but try to schedule some relax time.
4. Enjoy the Captains reception, take advantage of the free drinks.
5. Be Adventurous and try new things-be very open minded.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

AIRTRAN Standy by for those 18-22yrs old

I was just searching travel information the other day and guess what. For those 18-22 yrs old Airtran offers those individuals the option to fly stand by on any flight with airfare ranging from $69-99.00 I wish I had known that sooner by 23rd birthday is in six weeks. Well, for those college students traveling and for anyone in that age bracket I hope that you take advantage of this offer. Now remember it is stand by and there is a chance that you might not get on that fight but in today's rising prices it's not a bad deal if you can wing it! :) Happy Travels.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fly For Less Airline Travel Tips

I absolutely LOVE to travel. I just have two obstacles: 1. I work full time and don't have a zillion days to take off for vacation-to be specific I have two weeks of vacation to take each year 2. I haven't won the lottery just yet so at times I can be a little strapped for cash.

My two cents on flying. My two top airlines that I have used lately are Southwest and Airtran. They are the two airlines that seem to have the cheapest airfares for where I normally travel. So, here are my tips-for Southwest check on eBay for travel credit that you can buy. Sometimes you can buy $200 worth of ticketless travel for about $180-190. Sometimes you can hit the jackpot and really save alot. Othertimes you can save a few bucks and it's worth it to me. Another thing I would like to mention is ding. You can download "ding" from southwest's website and several times a week they have pretty good specials-the catch is you have to usually book within the same day.

Airtran is another good airline for cheap travel even for last minute traveling. I would also recommend signing up for airtran's weekly emails, it doesn't hurt to get one extra email and you might find a good deal!

I would also recommend priceline.com as you can bid on an airline ticket. This doesn't seem to work with my traveling schedule because I usually have specific times that I need to fly. But for those that have a little flexibility this can be a great tool for saving. My mom as used it several times and has ALWAYS saved for bidding on her flights.

Happy Flying! Feel Free to Share Your Airline Tips! I always love a true GOOD DEAL!